What is IDUMEA and why use it as the name of my site?


Words are interesting tools to communicate ideas. Writers look for words that capture certain meanings, and for me, the idea of IDUMEA is much bigger than where it comes from.

It’s a biblical term, actually. Idumea was the kingdom founded by Jacob’s brother Esau in the Old Testament. The meanings and implications of it run deep. The concept of IDUMEA revolve around the theme of a fallen world, or fallen people. This theme of fallen civilizations is something I like to write about. Take Landmoor for example – the Shae are a fallen people. Sol don Orai was a fallen empire. My children’s story The Wishing Lantern uses this theme – Estellionata is a fallen shimmer faerie. The Muirwood Trilogy is also about neighboring kingdoms on the verge of collapsing and references beings called the Essaios who come from a world called Idumea. My new series Whispers of Mirrowen reveal a world devastated by recurring plagues, of civilizations on the brink of disaster.

So that is why I went with IDUMEA. In this site, I will post some of my work and comment on this theme and other stories and artwork that have inspired me. Feel free to post your comments and feedback.