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I turned in the manuscript of Poisonwell yesterday to 47North. What comes next is rounds of editing, collaborating on cover art, formatting the final book, recording the audio version, all preceding the launch day of Feb 3, 2015. I can’t wait to share the final adventure with you. Feedback from my early readers has all been very positive. I think you’ll like how it all weaves together.

I’m very visual and keep a ton of pictures on my computer that inspire different scenes or ideas. I can’t show all of them to you, but I wanted to share a few snippets of things that helped inspire my imagination. I hope you enjoy them.

Poisonwell is an intense journey. Venture into the Scourgelands with me at your peril!




I’ve been having discussions with my publisher regarding my next project and will have some exciting announcements to make on that front very soon. Stay tuned! Thanks for being part of this amazing journey with me.




  1. Dianne:

    Huge anticipation as always!!!!! Love the magnificent tree.

  2. Gerard:

    Truly looking forward to where this journey goes. I’ve enjoyed your books immensely thus far.

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